Mirror Mirror

Sometimes it's not the clothes, it's you in the change room, sabotaging yourself.
It's a busy time of year but when you plan to shop for yourself, take your time...
A few tips for change room victory instead of fashion fail. 
1. Take the black socks off, do not try on dresses with the ugly socks on.
2. Wear your best unders, this is so important, bad unders ruin everything.
3. Lauch up those bra straps - are your boobs in the right spot in the blouse or dress? Its your bra, not your body,
4. Have you shaved? ... 
5. Got Heels? If you are wearing heels with whatever you are trying on- bring them. Heels make a huge difference. Standing in front of the mirror minus your black socks helps, but heels matter.  They lift up your core, butt and lengthen you. Standing there in bare feet is not enough, The heels give the feel. 
 Plan ahead for yourself ~ are you fed? the baby/kids fed? do you have enough time? 
Don't settle. Plan ahead & rock the holidays feeling festive not frantic. 
Look in that mirror and high five yourself in that frock. Go rock it, you got this girl!