Style Resolutions

It's that time of year again, resolution time. As I sit here in my new stretchy pants and have just found a rogue chin hair that I thought about decorating, I resolve not to surrender, 
Here are my top five style resolutions that I always live by, all year, even when I'm wearing stretchy pants.

1. Resolve not to be mean to yourself, kindness starts with you.
Parts you don't like? Spend time with them, learn how to dress them. All of your body is part of your style, dress all of you. If it feels good it looks good.  Easy!

2. Step away from the sales rack. If you don't love it, then leave it. S T E P away...
Buy less and better. Your wallet and closet will thank you.

3. Don't be beige, play with textures and pattern mixing. Don't dress flat, no one wants to hang out with flat Stanley.

4. Honour your basics. Whats in heavy rotation? Those pieces are signs of your style, look after, replace, & add to them. Start looking for some fun pieces to jazz up those basics.
A sleeveless vest or a statement necklace?
Remember that fit is key, don't get stuck on sizing, it sucks.

5. Don't say no to what you like. If you are attracted to it, try it on. Feel it, you will be surprised. Pay attention to what you love and just try it on. Dump all old fashion rules stuck in your head, they will limit you and keep you stuck. Let them GO!
Happy New Year!