Let it go...

Don't be frozen every morning getting dressed. Now is the perfect time to get in that closet and let it go. This song in the background might help! 
Round it all up, including shoes and coats, put on your brave face and let it go into 3 piles.
Store, Save & Good-bye.
Store- Most of winter at this point can be stored, hang onto one or two snow day pieces in case we have a summer polar vortex.
Save - Do you feel good in it? Good is the minimum feeling, anything less than good feeling is good-bye.  Yes = keep & Doubt = No = bye-bye
Good-Bye - Don't feel bad about letting it go, your no's are someone else's yes please & thank you.
Wine & a friend can help make this process a little more fun. Get in that closet and get real with whats in there. How many lives & different bodies? Let them go, say good-bye.
The right now woman is the boss.