Giving an impression of dull domesticity; dowdy or unfashionable.

From the Oxford dictionary.
5 ways to avoid being Mumsy~

1. Don't play it too safe.
Dress for yourself. Buy what you love, wear what you love, not whats 
easiest to wash and dry.
2. Avoid beige. Especially on your bum. Beige bum generally is not yum.
Ground beige with black, keep it cool.
3. Don't matchy match. This is an instant ager, instant.
Texture is the key to getting dressed not two identical mauve pieces.
4. Drop your old fashion rules. Drop them now, they are hurting you.
Even if your own mom said it. If the rule is stopping you from things you like, tell it to beat it!
5. Overly sensible shoes are a style killer. 

Modern footwear always. More shoes = more clothes!
Happy Mother's Day my Mums! X