Things I know for sure- Style: 2014

1. What you love is your style, honour it.

2. Drop any and all fashion rules about yourself, they limit you, stop.

3. Compliment yourself daily, it's contagious.

4. Undergarments, top & bottom, get sized & sizzle a bit more, plus, you look thinner without dieting. ;

5. DO NOT wait for weight. Dress the body in the mirror today.

5. Shoes matter, more shoes=more clothes.

6. How do you want to feel? Challenge yourself, dress all the women you are, not just one part.

7. You are not a label or a box- don't conform. "Conformity sucks." Danielle LaPorte 

8. Overcome what you think about yourself. Hard but good, 'cause who says?...

9. De-outfit outfits in that closet- separate those pieces & shop that closet.

10. Ditch any clothing that makes you feel less than a babe, ditch it.