Keeping Your Cool Factor...


A few tips to keep your cool without breaking a sweat.

1. Pop your collar. If you have done it before you know the feeling. Just pop it, especially on a night out. ;
2. Swap out your big mom bag with a clutch. This can work wonders on the mind plus forces you to clear out that big bag and pack around the cool necessities.
3. The 1/4 tuck. Tuck that tee or top in just a bit. I like to tuck in a hand width to the right of the fly. Tucking without going all the way is a moms dream. ;) Right? Flirt with the tucking...HA~
4. Update those sunnies. Try different shade styles, ones you love and make you feel like the babe that you are. There is a reason celebrities don the shades, hides most sins and helps keep you looking like it's so hard to be you.
5. Get a steamer. Saves you time & money. Steam away the day and be in control of some of life's wrinkles.

“Buy less, choose well & do it yourself!” ― Vivienne Westwood